Month: November 2020

Cake Recipe

Easiest Way to Prepare Super Quick Homemade Sachertorte (chocolate cake)★Recipe video★

Sachertorte (chocolate cake)★Recipe video★. Sachertorte (chocolate cake)★Recipe video★ I put apricot jam between slices of chocolate cake and coat with chocolate. Sacher Torte, the famous cake of the Austria. This cake consists of two layers of airy chocolate dough, with a thin layer of jam of apricot in the Middle, wit. ORIGINAL SACHERTORTE RECIPE from […]

Food Recipe

Steps to Prepare Quick My Garlic Bacon Pasta

My Garlic Bacon Pasta. With just, bacon, olive oil and garlic, you can make an easy yet delicious sauce for your pasta! Cook the bacon in olive oil until it's crispy and has released all of the delicious fats. This bacony olive oil is then used to cook the garlic slivers in. Meanwhile, cook bacon […]